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The graphics cards are expansion cards of a computer in charge of processing the data from CPU and transform it in understandable and comprensible information in an output device, like a monitor.

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The GPU is a processor dedicated to the process of graphics. Three of the most important features are the clock frecuency, the shaders and ROP.

Graphic Random Access Memory

They are memory chips that stores and transports information between themselves, do not determine the maximum performance of the graphics card, but rather a reduced specifications may limit the power of the GPU. There are two types: Dedicated when the graphics card or GPU has to itself those memories, this way is more efficient and gives better results; and shared memory is used as detrimental to the RAM.


The most common outputs are HDMI, VGA, DVI, DisplayPort or S-Video.

Designers and manufacturers


- nVIDIA - AMD or ATi


The best known are: